Environmentally Friendly Landscaping from Jeff Sebert Landscaping

Any business is responsible for all of its actions, whether it is out in the field or back at the office. At Sebert Landscaping, we have always been focused making our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. That commitment has translated to our corporate offices as well. Our 10,000 square foot headquarters has been certified as a LEED Gold building. The efficiency of this building not only allows us run our business better, but also better serve the environment around us.

What is LEED Certification? Standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED is a rating system that is used to measure the design, construction, and performance of green buildings. By achieving a Gold certification, Sebert Landscaping’s corporate headquarters is an example of putting a plan into action and seeing real results. By doing business out of such an efficient office, we can stand by our commitment green operations. Here are just a few of the exciting features built in to our corporate home –

  • Controlled lighting designed to reduce unnecessary energy usage
  • Energy recovery ventilators. This technology pulls the heat and a/c from exhaust air for reuse
  • Vegetative green roof tray system
  • Gutter collection that harvests rainwater
  • Overall 40% reduction in energy cost over similar building constructed to minimum code

As you can see, this LEED Gold Certified building is a great step forward in protecting our environment. We have put considerable resources in both time and money into being a leader in the green movement. But we don’t only work out of the corporate office. Because we serve a wide area of clients, we maintain 5 different branch offices. How does this help us be more green? By reducing travel times for our crews heading to each job. When they have to drive less, that means fewer emissions from our trucks, in addition to a safer work environment for our crews. Not to mention the cost savings that are passed on to our customers through a very competitive cost structure. The bottom line is that at Sebert Landscaping, we are committed to making the world a better place. Whether it is as simple as providing great service to our customers or as complex as building a cutting edge corporate office, we do whatever it takes.

Source: http://jeffsebertlandscaping.brandyourself.com/